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Statistics Show MQAC is Targeting Integrative Care Providers

The state of Washington has opened its databases to the public. This data has been helpful in comparing actions against traditional providers compared to integrative providers.  WIMA (Washington Integrative Medicine Association) obtained the data in this article by using the State of Washington licensing database. WIMA also conducted a search to determine how many active traditional physicians DOH Medical Quality Assurance Commission (MQAC) took actions against their licenses compared to integrative physician licenses.

WIMA now knows the MQAC has targeted alternative providers. This new data reveals the scope of those attacks. However, integrative medicine is now a board-certified specialty taught at several medical schools.

The data shows that MQAC took actions against only 2.14 percent (573 out of 26,750) of actively licensed physicians in the state of Washington. Compare that to over 42 percent (13 of 26) of active integrative providers it took actions against. WIMA also compared the findings to naturopathic physicians whose practice style is similar to that of integrative physicians. We found a sanction rate of only 2.49 percent (32 out 1287).

To quantify the sanctions against integrative providers WIMA prepared a spreadsheet listing integrative physicians in the state, and then it searched the database for each integrative medicine provider to determine whether the commission took action.

The physicians on the Naturopathic Physician Board are all naturopaths. However, traditional physicians judge integrative physicians. There are no integrative physicians on the medical commission. The difference this makes is striking. The sanction rate is approximately 20 times higher for integrative physicians compared to traditional physicians or naturopaths, who have their own board.

Integrative physicians should scrutinize other integrative physicians. Instead, MQAC employs sham peer reviews conducted by physicians with no training or experience in integrative medicine.
The Washington State legislature has passed a law stating the practice of alternative medicine is not grounds for discipline. MQAC has simply ignored the law and pursued integrative physicians at every opportunity. In some cases, it started investigations against providers who had no complaints, which against it stated policy.

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  • The provider database is accessible by visiting:

    There is a short instructional video showing how WIMA did its search and acquired its data.

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