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Over the years, a growing number of medical doctors have expanded their minds and hearts and clinical practices to include treatments which are termed: “holistic” or “integrative” or “corrective”. In addition to lifesaving medications and surgery, doctors are increasingly receptive to interventions which include lifestyle changes such as enhancements of nutrition, encouragement of regular exercise, and celebration of state of mind practices such as meditation and prayer. As science has rains down upon us new facts, we are humbled with how little we actually can say with certainty and the profession is becoming more humble and collaborative. The internet offers stupendous learning opportunities for empowered patients and doctors are developing a tolerance for feeling under-informed in the face of motivated patient who has read the most current research. Most medical doctors receive news of innovations in medical care from the pharmaceutical companies who sponsor conference and whose omnipresent doting “drug reps” share only scientific information about patent medications. There is a concerted effort to blackout any information regarding the safety and efficacy of healthy food as well as of targeted nutritional supplements. But the people have consulted the internet and they want corrective options. They want to swallow fewer addictive and expensive prescription medications and instead they want to use more reasonable corrective protocols. For example: drinking more good water while drinking less dehydrating sugary drinks like soda pop is finally being recognized as a fundamental correction which benefits a vast spectrum of ailments from ADHD to hypertension to cancer.

The standard of care is sub-standard. Only the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) which foists various commercially profitable neurotoxins on the American citizenry (aspartame, thimerosal to name but a couple) and their sponsor, the highly lucrative Big Pharma (and their “elected”representatives) stand between you and treatment which excess the standard of care and which will lead to great vibrant health.

Would you like to consult with open-minded intelligent and courageous doctors who are committed to offering you care which excess the standard of care? Feel free to review our members below.




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