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Improve the Health Care in Washington State!


The Mission Statement:

WIMA strives to educate and empower citizens of Washington State and the world about safe, effective and cost-effective treatment protocols which either complement the standard of care or exceed the standard of care. We offer “Tomorrow’s medicine today.”


WIMA exists because we believe that the patient, when fully informed and given freedom of choice, should have access to protocols which may differ from the standard of care. Why? Because we at WIMA understand that the standard of care is created by consensus of experts who, without exception, are exposed to – and too frequently unduly influenced by – conflicting interests. No one denies that Big Pharma, America’s most powerful lobby, has tremendous economic power to buy and sell influence. “At the industry level, the pharmaceuticals and health products industry reclaimed its title as the largest spender on the strength of a 23 percent surge in spending.” No one can deny the following: Your insurance company has failed patients. The FDA has failed patients. The CDC has failed patients. The state Department of Health has failed patients. The state medical boards have failed patients.  We at WIMA understand that these repeated failures are due to these agencies succumbing to conflict of interest.  This is well documented  HERE and HERE  and HERE and HERE. (Many other example are available upon request HERE)

So who can the patient turn to in her or his duress? The best choice is an integrative physician who offers care which is different from the standard of care. Typically these treatments are superior to the standard or care.  How can the integrative physician care for the patient in a more successful manner?  The reason is that the training of an integrative physician teaches the doctor to find that cause of the problem and correct it rather than to simply suppress symptoms with prescription drugs whose side-effects are often worse than the illness.  These integrative medical doctors typically serve on a “fee-for-service” basis so that there is no conflict of interest. Think about it.  Who does your doctor work for if she or he is paid by the insurance company or a third-party? At WIMA, we think that the only way you can be assured that your doctor is working exclusively for you and has your best interest at heart is quite simply to be the one to pay for the care you receive. We have seen so much compromise in patient’s care when third party payers insinuate themselves (and their profit motive) between the patient and the doctor that we at WIMA work exclusively for our patients. Ask yourself this question: “Who pays my doctor?” The answer to that question is the person your doctor is actually working for.  See  THIS LINK for more info.

So  and while we at WIMA agree that profit motive is not a bad thing, we also insist that the health and welfare of the patient come before any other consideration.

The path of the innovative medical doctor is lonely and daunting – but supremely rewarding since patients who receive care from competent integrative medical doctors regain health!  Striving as we do to offer “Tomorrow’s medicine Today”, necessitates offering care which is different from the standard care being typically safer, more effective and more cost effective. Medical doctors must be conservative in nature so that irresponsible experimentation with patients does not occur. However, with the internet and with myriad innovations being available now, informed patients have the right to seek out innovative doctors with whom to collaborate in developing optimal treatment protocols – even if they are different from the standard of care being superior!

These integrative and holistic doctors report continual harassment by orthodox medical societies, the Federation of State Medical Boards and Washington State’s own Department of Health – including its Medical Quality Assurance Commission (MQAC). To a person, these highly trained medical professionals report being threatened with censure and loss of license when they offer integrative and holistic treatment protocols to fully informed patients simply because they are not the standard of care.  Yet these brave doctors are in demand simply because the integrative and holistic care offered is indeed safer, more effective and more cost effective that orthodox care. Integrative and holistic care should indeed be offered only within the time honored two-fold traditions of Primum Nocere (“First do no harm”) and secondly, Fully Informed Consent. The mission of the Washington Integrative Medical Association (WIMA) is to champion freedom of choice by citizens of Washington State and to take all necessary steps – socio-political-economic, to empower citizens to freely choose Integrative and Holistic care provided by responsible, well-educated and well-trained medical doctors.  WIMA  gratefully welcomes adjunctive memberships for allied healthcare providers and more importantly, for lay citizens who are committed to freedom of choice in health care.

We at WIMA understand that prescription, patented medications are valuable and can be life-saving. We value them and we use them appropriately. But we also understand that these synthetic drug ought to be used only to buy the integrative medical doctor time to identify the biological imbalance and to correct it – making the ongoing use of a prescription drug unnecessary. This, however, is medical terrorism since it strikes at the heart of corporate medicine today: Big Pharma’s profits.  If your doctor strives to serve you by offering integrative “centsible” health remedies which, being non-patentable and therefore inexpensive, replace the need for expensive, patented prescription drugs, she or he will be targeted by the state medical board and threatened with loss of license.

But imagine the savings on a state-wide level if doctors, hospitals and government purchasing officials at the Department of Health  – all of whom are unreasonably influenced by current for-profit marketing efforts by pharmaceutical companies – were allowed to utilize safer, more effective and more cost-effective remedies! Win Win!

Correcting the actual imbalances which lead to disease and illness is more sensible than bankrupting ourselves by over-medicating. No one suffers from a deficiency of a synthetic, patented substance. The patent drugs work by insinuating themselves into our struggling biochemical pathway and creating a dependency. Why not, where possible, opt instead to correct the imbalance using the substances which are natural to our bodies but in which we suffer a deficiency? Integrative or functional medicine is safe, effective and cost effective because it corrects the actual problems and restores health. Let’s end the suffering and allow everyone to enjoy a life brimming with optimal health. Join WIMA now and help us preserve integrative medicine and freedom of choice in health care.

WIMA serves Washington State  and the world as follows:

  • Identify, vet and disseminate scientifically validated functional medical treatment protocols of an integrative and holistic nature to be freely offered via WIMA members to citizens of Washington State.
  • Promote the collegiality of all Washington State medical doctors and allied health professionals collaborating via seminars and regularly scheduled conferences for the purpose of making our scientific and clinical knowledge cumulative for the benefit of patients.
  • Promote cost-effective savings in health care by educating health care professionals, public health experts, government purchasers, hospital administrators, and empowered lay consumers (patients) as regards safer and more effective and more cost-effective treatment options.
  • Promote this integrative and holistic knowledge to purveyors of care  (the FDA, various government agencies -State and Federal – charged with purchasing health resources, hospital administrators, etc. as well as to the media) who currently listen primarily to Big Pharma lobbyists to the detriment of trusting citizens.
  • WIMA will help lower Washington State health care costs while improving quality and efficiency/effectiveness. WIMA will become a model for other states to emulate.
  • Revolutionary in nature, WIMA will enhance health care in Washington State as we shed the suffocating monopoly which Big Pharma has on the present market wherein it promotes only highly profitable, on-patent remedies while demeaning off-label, inexpensive, decentralized options.
  • Today the health care problem can be summarized as: If the solution to a health care problem is not profitable, then there is no problem. No longer will that conventional bias persist unchallenged as the WIMA membership promotes safer, more effective and more cost-effective solutions to our healthcare concerns.
  • Join  WIMA  today and safeguard your rights to freedom of choice in health care. Call 360-579-2078 with questions and join our membership as follows:  PayPal, Credit cards or checks accepted. See  Support WIMA HERE


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